Serving the Disabled Last month 30th April 2023, members of Living Humanity Aurobinda Parida, Niranjan Patnaik, Keshav Chandra Praharaj, Dinesh Raut participated in the regular *Self Reformation* program of Living Humanity and provided an *Air Bed* to one of our members Balaram Sahu. Four catheters, Uro bags and some other fruits were also taken for him. Although the program looks like a person is in trouble and some people are giving him the necessary supplies, but in reality and in the Living Humanity guidelines, the main purpose of the this program was 1. To fill the emptiness that every human being feels within himself by doing some humanitarian actions because selfless true love is the food our soul. What we do every day is just to feed our body and mind. We rarely feed our soul. These kinds of action, feeds our soul. So we feel delighted. 2. Going with the flow of society, we take many things but its also our first responsibility to perform our duty perfectly and repay back in original form and create opportunities to do something selflessly. 3. Self-reformation among the participating members is the main goal of the all Living Humanity program. Balaram Bhai is a human being like us and our small psychic Reformation can resolve many of his sufferings and also give us a chance to become human. 4. To give something in goods is a medium but the purpose was to be human and to recognize human qualities and engage in that endeavour. 5. Forgetting your identity, personality, profession to become a human being and stand beside another human without any hope. Living Humanity is a self Reformation tool that gives us the opportunity to grow as a human being. Let’s connect, let us know about such small problems through WhatsApp and feel the human values within you.