Felicitation for Humanitarian work

Dr. Surendra Nath Senapati*, Professor and Head, Radiation Oncologist, Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer, Cuttack, Odisha has been felicitated by Living Humanity on 12th March 2023 for his Humaniterian work and human values in his thought, speech and actions.

1. By virtue of this profession, he has been attended all the patients who are working for society directly or indirectly with special care and attention.

2.To make him aware about the unique or godly traits he possess and get motivated to do the same and can know the impact of his/her own characters.

3. To make other inspire about to such Humaniterian work along with profession.

4. To establish a direct or indirect connection with such people who preserve the creational law to make universal phenomenon easier.