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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Living Humanity ?

Living Humanity is an epigenetics tool to upscale human values by igniting the masked traits through self-reformation to restore world peace.

2. How it has been originated ?

Shri Chinmaya Kumar Mohanty, the founder of Living Humanity has formulated the tool of self-reformation after wholistic research on human mind, human understanding and human behaviour. He is a divine blessing to human race who can dive into the origin of every problem prevailing in this society along with the future impact. Disequilibrium, inequity, imbalance and non-harmonious state of inner and outer well being of life and non-life forms in this earth has put constraint on evolution of earthly species along with other dimensional beings. Scientifically, spiritually, psychologically and philosophically he can foresee the impact of man-made gaps on creation and creational law which is devastating. Detailed study on human mechanism revealed the solution as LIVING HUMANITY, a tool for self-reformation to upscale human values and ultimately reaching towards harmonious state.

3. What is the mission of Living Humanity ?

As with the basic research on human life clearly indicates the core reason behind prevailing disequilibrium is reduction or masking of human values, so Living Humanity has been originated to upscale human values using the self-reformation tools. Mass scale adoption of self-reformation mechanism will bridge the man made gaps created in this society and will gradually lead towards UNITY.

4. What is the vision of Living Humanity ?

Every single life on this planet earth is seeking for how, where and when to get Peace. So, to accomplish this universal need of all living beings, Living Humanity has been visionized to restore world peace by uniting souls through bridging the gaps.

5. What are the working Principles of Living Humanity ?

Living Humanity acts as a common platform of various group of professionals beyond socio-cultural and educational barrier. This unique and scientific platform trains human being to see, believe, memorize, understand, acquire, adopt and evolve with the help of self-reformation tools and make human being realize their true potency only with altering the intention behind every action and understanding the universal knowledge. The reformed human can decide their own need, desire and wishes along with considering the significance of coexisting creation which results in bridging the gaps and bringing unity in this universe. Upscaling the human values using Living Humanity tools will help human being to evolve in the way it has coded and required to maintain the creational equilibrium.

6. What is the uniqueness in Living Humanity ?

The uniqueness of Living Humanity is that the tools of Living Humanity never induct a new method, practise or information to make you understand life. LH tools are formulated only to understand your own feelings and experiences which you have acquired in your daily life. When One can understand how he/she feel and what he/she has experiences will automatically start to verify and validate the information data base with which one understand. Living Humanity only wipe up the nonuniversal knowledge and make you able to see the truth. With the same action of day-to-day life only with changing intentions, how perception of life changes can be experienced with Living Humanity tool which is the easiest way to evolve.

7. What is Self Reformation and Why it is Required ?

Everything you have done in your life so far has been in pursuit of a single thing. Whether you sought a career, started a business, made money, or built a family, it was always because you wanted just one simple thing which we coin as PEACE. But somewhere along the way, life got complicated. If you had been born as any other creature on this planet, it would have been very simple. Your needs would have just been physical. A full stomach would have been equivalent to a great day. Take a look at your dog or your cat: the moment their stomach is full, they are quite peaceful. But when you come into this world as a human being, things change. An empty stomach is one problem: hunger. But a full stomach? A hundred problems! When our survival is in question, it is a big issue in our lives. But the moment it is taken care of, it doesn’t seem to mean anything. Somehow, for a human being, life doesn’t seem to end with survival; life begins with survival. This is the way every moment with all satisfaction we are unhappy and unsatisfied.

Living Humanity find the reasons behind it that every moment every single life on this planet earth seeking for PEACE or a harmonious state of living and non-living beings. The state of Peace has been destroyed due to reduction of basic values of human beings. Human being is the only creature in this planet who has created all disequilibrium due to the use of misinterpreted audio-visual understanding. To find away the solution of this problem, LH find a tool to reform or rebuild the human understanding, belief and a way to lead full fledged life in human form, the highest identity of human being. Self reformation is the way to reform individual using various tools Living Humanity to upscale human values and lead a peaceful life.

8. How Living Humanity tools helps in self reformation ?

Reformation is the part of evolution, every individual every moment reform their thought, speech, action to get better version. Living humanity provides the reformation tool to every individual or member, self-reformation is required for all individual or every human being, so living humanity consider that all the human population is the member of living humanity.

Reformation starts with self. So self-reformation is the first & foremost mission of living humanity. The concept of self-reformation starts with alteration of psychic memory & cellular memory. The human mind works with psychic ability & body works with cellular structure synchronization.

  1. Psychic memory alteration-:Human understanding depends upon psychic memory. The data/information received by mind, creates the biosphere inside which human understanding floats. But unfortunately the data/information provided to us is originally required to lead life or these are some junk file still now we don’t have any mechanism to check it up, so piled up of narrow understanding through non desired data/information leads to creates confusion, contradiction, irritation, anxiety in human behaviour. These narrow or linear understanding gets boosted up and become more narrower when adapt the misinterpretation of present day educational system of competition & comparison. Prevailing conditions, society, systems feeds us with information which are required to fulfil our wishes, desires & need. However, we don’t know what is our original need, so many a times or very often or most frequently or every moment after achieving all these sorts, we feel emptiness or unsatisfied or unvalued. This problem can be resolved by universal knowledge & thorough understanding of human life. The meaning of universal knowledge means knowledge which never changes with any condition. The knowledge which remains same/intact irrespective of time and space. The universal knowledge required for human life to lead life in human form, the first and foremost identity of human being, the identity which can possess all other form. The universal knowledge is required for human being to know the significance of human life, the significance of co-existence to understand the co-existence & act accordingly. The universal knowledge is required by every individual to feel the original thoughts, vibrations, energy flowing inside each individual. Along with this to understand the feeling of every situation, to go back to the experience using knowledge to review the self & thyself. Self analysis and review of own activity, thought, speech & action with a universal prospective, every human being could get able to attain the true form and human values will restore. Thus with universal knowledge, the psychic memory will alter to its original form & it will work accordingly.
  2. Alteration of cellular memory: Cellular memory is the tool to drive human physically consciously & unconsciously. The cellular memory has been gathered/induced through limited potential of human senses. The fed up data or information created a narrow understanding and human body act accordingly Living humanity conceptualized to alter the cellular memory through humanitarian actions. Humanitarian actions are the activity in physical form to understand and train human body & mind to use the universal knowledge in daily life. The theory and concept of universal knowledge & understanding will get the practical experience in real life through humanitarian action. Humanitarian actions of selfless unconditional service to serve the needy will automatically bridge the gaps of both participants. The value gaps & need gaps will be bridged along with self reformation. Thus the feeling of being a human & real experience of humanitarian action can be cleanly understood by each participants which will help the human being to alter the cellular memory. Humanitarian action will give real & practical feel based experience to human being to understand the universal knowledge. Practicing the humanitarian actions in day to day life will lead to erase the prior cellular memory of individual-ness & selfishness. Thus through high intent humanitarian action will alter the cellular memory & make human being available in human form/human identity. Thus self reformation through alteration of psychic memory & cellular memory will lead to create a human race with reformed human being, who have the clear visualization of human mind functionality & human physical behaviour of body. The synchronization of mind & body activity will lead to form a complete/human being in human form.
9. What are human values ?

Human values are the inherent traits which brings out the fundamental goodness of human being and works as behaviour phenomena for human life. It has been documented that values are so indissolubly woven into human language , thoughts, understanding and behaviour patterns that they have fascinated scientist, philosophers, psychologist and spiritual masters for millennia. These are the basic traits which are described as universal and shared equally by all human genome. With the natural cycle of creation, when human species born, he/she uphold all human values inbuilt in the system. The expressivity depends upon the socio-cultural and educational upbringings. For evolution original Human genome, human values are the basic traits. Upscaling human values leads to evolve faster.

10. How depletion of human values resulted in non-harmonious state of life and non life forms ?

The inducted human understanding with non-linear knowledge and selfish slavery system created inequal individual identification in this society. Over the time the self-centred evolutionary pressure resulted in in-equilibrium in SWAMAN and gradually erosion of human values. Depletion of human values increases the manmade gaps like value gap, need gap, wishes gap, desires gap, understanding gap, belief system gap, socio-cultural gap, economical gap and other many more. The continuous disequilibrium has created imbalance in coexistence of life and non-life forms. Thus, depletion of human values lead to non-harmonious state of creations and creatures and the state of PEACE has been lost gradually impacting life of earth as well as in other parallel universal systems.

11. What are the tools developed by Living Humanity to upscale human values ?

The Prevailing problem of depletion of human values has created the non-harmonious state has been first identified by Living Humanity and the following tools are formulated by Living Humanity to upscale human values.

  1. Creation of a Unified Platform to work with human values
  2. Self -formation (Psychic and cellular alteration) tool to upscale human values
  3. Creating a chain of Living Humans
  4. Bridging the gaps with high intent humanitarian actions
  5. Uniting all human with technological advancement to contribute towards WE Society
  6. Scientific understanding of Human values, feelings and experience. to evolve faster
  7. Connecting with origin of life and nonlife forms to follow the principles of Co-existence
12. What is the result of upscaling human values ?

A state of harmony between living creatures and non-living elements of earth will be obtained very fast with upscaling human values. The Basic need of every soul ie- PEACE can be experienced which is the first requirement for Evolution of earthlings.

13. What is evolution and why it is essential for all life forms ?

The mechanism of evolution is triggered by changes in the gene pool or gene collection. Evolution is important because it explains how life developed on Earth and how different species are connected. The evolutionary linkages aid in the addressing of biological challenges, as well as the diversity of life. This grand desire is deeply embedded in our life operating system resulting in the evolution of bodily forms followed by the evolution of mind. The evolution of mind ultimately results in the identification of oneself with highest intelligence. To support this phase of evolution two things were needed – the evolution of brain and the evolution of a neural network. The brain waves of thoughts, emotions, understanding and belief are the output of the information and knowledge we memorize. The quality and length of neural phenomena depends upon the data we feed. The process of evolution is the combination of gene pool and epigenetics.

14. What is Peace and how it can attain ?

PEACE is not an accumulation of happiness, neither it can be felt or experience by your mind or senses not it can be understood. It is state where you (being an energy) aligned with other form(s) which are interlinked and interdependent. PEACE is a state where every visible and indivisible form of lives are in harmony. Peace is the basic state to attain multi-dimensional evolution.

15. Why Peace is the absolute need of every living being on this planet earth ?

Every single life on this planet earth seeking peace every moment. Peace is not some elusive spiritual goal. It is simply the background milieu that is needed for any aspect of life to unfold magically and wonderfully. If peace is not the ambience of life, even life’s most pleasurable activities become burdensome. Life is a journey of endlessly unfolding celebration and discovery. The ability to wield such powerful instruments is accompanied by a deep sense of compassion, inclusiveness, balance, and harmony which is the state when the new life form created from origin. Thus, to get connected to origin of creation, every single life pursuit for peace at every single moment.

16. What is the membership criteria for Living Humanity ?

Living Humanity considers that all human being of this planet is the member of Living Humanity because it’s a universal tool to get reformed and attain peace. However, for the active participation, a human being who can find that he/she has something lack, he/she need to fill that gap or he/she needs to reform himself or herself can be a member of Living Humanity. The quest to attain peace is the basic requirement to be a member of Living Humanity. Any individual, professionals, social activist, social organization, peace makers, social reformers, researchers, academicians, doctors, health care experts, animal care experts, scientists, students, teachers, environmental activist, people having interest in humanity can fill up the membership form and be a member.

17. Significance of Harmony for this planet and other planetary system ?

The Planet earth and other planetary are the interlinked with energy chain. Each vibration on universal system has significant impact on every living and non-living being. When there is non harmonious state or imbalance in planetary system, all energy chains get imbalanced. The linkage is a creational law and it is connected with every living and non-living life forms. There needs a synchronization with all, or else the state of imbalance will make all life and non-life forms unstable. To attain a state of harmony is the essential feature to get contentedness and evolve.

18. What is the true identity of Human being ?

The real identity of human being is a transpersonal consciousness and the psychological nature is a very partial and limited expression higher consciousness.

19. Why human beings are there on earth? What's the role ?

Every life form gets its birth to Evolve. There is life on earth to redirect the energy forms. When life energy gets used in material, there is technological evolution. When life energy gets connected to life forms, it evolves spiritually. When there is technological evolution, you need a device or tool to do anything where as when there is spiritual evolution, everything happens in shuttle form because all shapes are formed from shuttle version. So, shuttles are the original creation and each life energy take birth to evolve and get connected to original form.

20. What is coexistence and its significance ?

Coexistence is the rule of nature. It’s the creational phenomenon to make life evolve unitedly. All living and non-living forms exist in the same plane and use life energy and get connected with each other as this is an inter-dependable creation. Unity is the basis of Coexistance. Individualism has no role to survive here.

21. What is Mind ?

Human mind is a mere tool to store the information and use it whenever required without verification. When intellect added to mind, it can dissect the data and use it in proper direction.

22. How human mind works ? How human understand ?

Mind stores the data using senses. When there are stimuli, the senses feed the data to mind to get analysed and give an output. Depending upon the quality and length of data, the mind formulates an output which has been expressed again using the senses. Interpretation of stored memory used for human understanding.

23. How mind get manipulated ?
24. What is the impact of Inducted audio-visual system ?

Audio-visual system is the way human learn because we learn by seeing, listening and doing. The human being having a programmed psychological and cellular mechanism when directed by untrue user manual and planned system of slavery race to hide the truth and origin of life, the consciousness shift is in negative direction and resulted inhuman out of human being. The trueness of human being has been masked due to inducted audio-visual system.

25. What is selfishness ?

Every thought, speech, action, intention where socially trained “I” is attached or associated that is selfishness.

26. Why human become selfish ?

Inducted statistics of competition and comparison through educational system and fragmentation of integrated approach of living has resulted selfish human.

27. Are we trapped inside a dogmatic understanding ?

Human understanding completely depend upon the memorized information and images. When the information’s are untrue or half true, the images are one-directional, its obvious that human being has been trapped under dogmatic understanding.

28. What's is the meaning of Life ?

Life is a de-defilement process to attain its absolute which was at the time of disintegration from its origin.

29. Who is GOD ?

The word came from Sanskrit word “huta” means invoked to call. The word GOD signify the energy form from which the cosmos has been called upon to maintain the law.

30. How the Godness inherit ?

Being a part of creation, all godly traits inherit into all living and non-living entity in partial form. That’s why there is a requirement of evolution to attain the absolute form or wholeness.

31. How it gets mutated ?

Inducted socio-cultural and educational system of modern era with a planned way of slavery mechanism altered the DNA and Godness traits are masked or under expressed.

32. How it can be restored ?

Reversing the same mechanism and feeding with creational science of origin of life will result in restoration of GODNESS.

33. What are the tools to restore GODNESS in human being ?

Living Humanity formulated several tools like self-formation (with psychic alteration and cellular alteration), connect to the origin through universal knowledge and following creational law, which have been already proven scientifically to restore GODNESS in human being holding the highest position of human identity.

34. What are the minimum practice the members need to do ?

Affirming that I need to unlearn, learn and relearn about life is the minimum practice the member needs to do.

35. How to get the membership Form ?

Living Humanity membership form is available at Living Humanity website. Go to become a member a register your details.

36. What is the Membership Contributions ?

There is Zero membership fees for the members. However, member needs to contribute inform of life, efforts, labours, skill, ideas, experience, resources, contacts, material, volunteering for need based humanitarian actions. All the contributions are directly proportional to rate of self-reformation depending upon the clear understanding of intention behind the contributions. Depending upon the life hour spent, member added, event attended, ideas/expertise shared, the membership hierarchy will be upgraded.

37. Why not Donations or Charity ? Why contributions ?

Donation denotes the “act of giving or bestowing” ; that which is a gift. It has derived from the Latin word donationem (nominative donatio) "a presenting, giving, give as gift having the root “do” means to give.

Contributions denotes to bring together, add, unite. It has been assimilated from com means “with”, “together” + tribute means to pay. It has been derived from Latin word “contribuere” means to bring together.


Living Humanity works with the principle of self-reformation. So, whatever the members are giving (Either Life, services, ideas, expertise, experience, knowledge, contacts, communication, money, material, goods etc.) all are contribution towards their own self reformation by upscaling their habit of giving, breaking the boundaries of social understanding, unlearning the traditional educational learnings. Individual small contributions are added up to get connected with all reformats and serving the needy. This clearly indicates that the giving is not gift these are investment towards the self and unitedly these contribution will bring back to bridging the gaps. Hence, the word Donation is not included under working principle of Living Humanity.

38. What is Kartavya ?

Living Humanity works with Kartavya means Duty. Scientifically in this energy chain to get balance or remain stable one need to give and another need to receive. Generaaly the higher energy sources give towards the lower one to get stable form. So, all are considered as Kartavya. It’s the duty of higher energy to share towards lower one while it is same for lower forms to receive to get stable. So whatever members contribute all are considered as Kartavya. As from this society human being takes everything, so  it’s the first and foremost duty of human being to do the kartavya in form of contribution. Again with intention of self-reformation when Kartavya is done, its called PUNYA.

Meaning of Kartavya in different religious scriptures:

Hindusim             Kartavya (कर्तव्य) refers to “necessary (rules)”

Purana and Itihasa (epic history) Kartavyā (कर्तव्या) refers to “those (procedures) which should be followed”

Mahayana (major branch of Buddhism)

                Kartavya (कर्तव्य) refers to “that (offering) which must be made”

Jainism Kartavya (कर्तव्य) refers to “that which has to be done”

39. How one gets reformed with simple contributions ?

When member start to contribute in human form, they attain a highest state and their contributions in all form enriched with high intention serve as the bliss molecule inside the body to release the happy hormones. The connections establish with body cells play with Love. So, the inner happiness reflects back in psychology, physiology and outer behaviours. The human values inside the members and activist get upscaled due to psychic and cellular alteration with the small effort of contribution and leads to self-reformation.


Example- Consider Being a doctor, You will spend 6 hrs in a month for serving the needy by providing medical treatment holding your highest identity of Human being. Leaving your social understanding, egos, dogmas, selfishness, your will serve patient for this 6 hrs only. While serving, you will tend to know that some barriers are broken within you as on that day you are not working for official duty, its you in human duty being a doctor. While interacting you may find some deep belongings with the patients which they can never share with you while you serve at hospital being professionals. While performing Kartavya, You may find the lightness in heart, timelessness, inner happiness and satisfaction which will ultimately increase your human values, because with the tools to Living Humanity you will alter your knowledge base that while treating patient, if your voice, words, eyes, hands fills with GODNESS, it will not only cure the disease, it will heal the patient from its origin and practising the same, you will get to experience the same. When you will try to understand your experience, you will get the true wisdom and automatically with psychic and cellular alteration, you will get reformed. Hence, a little contribution of 6 hrs life, will reform you which you can never achieve with whole life time being a doctor.

40. What is the member guidelines ?

All those who want to reform the self and experience the state of inner peace filled with human values and the true value of being born as human must acknowledge himself/herself as a Living Humanity member. Kindly find below some rules, regulations, guidelines and benefit of Living Humanity members. 

Personal Discipline:

  1. Living Humanity works with the principle of upscaling human values. The tools have been made up considering the creational law on the priority basis, hence to upscale yourself you need to follow the guidelines, rules and regulation without any questions and with 100% belief. Prior to becoming a member of Living Humanity, you need to fill the membership form and go through the details of Living Humanity. After that, If you have any doubts, complications, confusion, You may ask in proper format of questioners.
  2. You should hold your highest identity of being a human while thinking, talking or working for Living Humanity.
  3. As LH is the tool for self-reformation and all are here to reform himself/ herself, so nobody is allowed to find fault, comment, react or respond to other members activity. All are here to learn something and with gradual process reformation will take place.
  4. As a member of Living humanity and during its’ activity, being a human seeking for reformation, you have the only identity as a human being who need to reform himself/ herself; so, your name, fame, position, dignity, status, personal issue, health and wealth should not come in front while working for LH.
  5. Human being is one of the parts of Co-existing nature. So, all life forms and non-life forms are equally important as you. Respect, care, love, dignity should be first priority in your mind while interacting with any Living Humanity member.
  6. Negative thoughts, talks, irritation, opposition, greed, anger, possessiveness, selfishness should not be there at least while working for living humanity.
  7. Try to unlearn what you have learned till date from this social system and relearn the universal knowledge required for leading your life at the fullest potential.
  8. Living Humanity does not receive donation from anybody. Contribution informs of ideas, expertise, experience, skill, interest, money, material, physical presence, labor is the part of self-reformation to make you experience the joy of unconditional giving and reminding you about your duty of repaying towards mother earth. However, your contribution details will be published timely with details of its use.
  9. Share your expertise, experience, ideas, interest, skill with Living Humanity, so that when and however required, we will intimate you to serve the needy as per the need.
  10. Adopt humanity and bear human values before your every thought, speech and actions.
  11. Practice daily to retain your human form at least for few hours a day or few days in month.
  12. Serve the needy whatever, whenever and however possible with selfless attitude and without any conditions not only by providing clothing, foods, money but also sharing your attentions, emotions, thoughts, good vibes, prayers, skills, interests and services. You may do it alone or with a group of likeminded people.
  13. At least pass the information about social issues in your locality or any other places to Living Humanity, so that LH will try to bridge the gap.
  14. Spread the thoughts, mission, event concept, verdicts, unified knowledge and unified solutions of Living Humanity to your near and dear ones, to the family members, friends, relatives with a living desire to rebuild a network of virtues. (At least one new member per month)
  15. Replicate the good intent and motivate others to perform their duty being a human.
  16. Individual inter personal relation between member should be avoided. Exchange of mobile number, contacts, expertise, skill, money and others are strictly prohibited. Whatever the issue (Personal or social), Inform to LH through proper format. Officially LH will address the issue.
  17. Irrespective of age, gender, profession, possession, status, mindset, flexibility and ego, you have to work unitedly for the mission and vision of Living Humanity. Unitedly we can achieve the goal.
  18. Evaluate yourself on daily basis in term of human values and note down the changes. Try to understand your every feeling and visualize your thoughts, feels and experience. Note down all your positive as well as negative attitude clearly and observe the changes, inform your near and dear one to do the same.
  19. Support and promote this mission which has been visioned to restore peace in the world by this unique tool through exploring and adopting human values.
  20. Lead your life with this unalloyed living desire of human race to accomplish the intention behind the existence of life and living beings.
  21. Follow the guideline properly while working for Living Humanity. Disobedience may be rewarded with suspension.

Organizational Discipline:

  1. Being a LH member, one thing we should follow that, irrespective of all possessions, WE ALL ARE HUMAN AND HUMANITY IS COMMON BIOS AMONG ALL. However, there may not be similarities among all the members regarding all aspects, but we have to stay together.
  2. While working for a large vision, we should not consider the individual image, we have to work selflessly, when time will come, you can realize the value of your selfless and unconditional contribution.
  3. Doubts, Confusions, questions, problems, solutions, ideas, all should be given in written format and then all will be discussed in open forum.
  4. While wearing the LH- T shirt, you have to follow humanitarian values and behave like a human because it directly connected with the core of LH.
  5. Contribute in any form and serve the needy on monthly basis at least (may be once or twice) whenever and wherever possible wearing LH- T shirt, send the photographs to Living Humanity with geotagging.
  6. Those who are deeply involved in LH thought and action, they should not create any single negative thought.
  7. No personal discussion while working for LH or outside LH.
  8. No Political discussion while working for LH or outside LH.
  9. No Professional discussion while working for LH or outside LH.
  10. It is good to manage any legal complications on personal level.
  11. If someone wants to take help or support of another member to resolve his/her personal issues, he/she should be informed openly in group and should be thanked openly and publicly.
  12. While personal conversation or group discussion, only LH improvement should be discussed.
  13. Any complain should be registered in prescribed format.
  14. Any issues or negative attitude or any problem of any members should not be discusses openly. If these are essential for LH, then, those points should be intimated to LH with proper format and documentation.
  15. No illogical argument should be there while working for LH or outside LH.
  16. All should respect every human being by considering him/ her as a HUMAN only and try to consider the next one as yourself or better than you.
  17. Before every discussion, task, meeting, all members are requested to meditate for 7 minutes with LH meditation tune.
  18. If you want to discuss anything with Founder; proper and pre-planned prescribed format and intimated date is mandatory.
  19. Phone should be kept in switched off mode or silent mode inside founder room.
  20. While working for LH or attending any meeting or discussion of LH, you have to put your mobile in silent mode.
  21. No unnecessary arguments inside founder room.
  22. All should note down 10 points to be a good human and try to practice those at least for 5 minutes in a day.
  23. In LH, all actions and solutions are universal.
  24. Suggestions, advises neither accepted nor rejected until proved universally.
  25. Any personal or LH discussion with founder cannot be materialized immediately unless checked important by LH.
  26. Your questions and confusions will be registered and answered with proper format.
  27. You have to respect all decisions, actions or thoughts of LH without questioning.
  28. All monetary transactions should be directly transferred to LH account. If cash transaction is there, immediately it should be informed to LH with proof of receipt and it should be deposited to account within 7 days.
  29. During the events of LH, photographs taken by different members should be provided to LH first. All social media post should be materialized from LH official account first; then only individual members can post the same.
  30. No personal or professional financial transaction within the LH members. If any, it should be informed to LH first, then only it will be materialized through LH in proper format.


As a LH member you are urged to do the followings:

  1. Inform any social issues, problems, solutions, incidents, success stories to Living Humanity in prescribe format with photographs.
  2. Invite all of your friends, relatives, near and dear one to join Facebook, WhatsApp group. The same can be materialized by your relatives again to share in large numbers. No need to do all sorts of activities by yourself, but by simple sharing a message, it may reach to the exact person who is searching for this. By simply sharing the message, we can bridge the gap between problem and solutions.
  3. If you have any universal solution for any social issues, please make it validate and think continuously on that direction. When you got a concrete idea, you can intimate it to LH.
  4. Always feel yourself as a part of Co- existence. Human being has been created to live a life of CO- EXISTANCE. So, we have to respect it and acknowledge ourselves as a part of it.
  5. You have to start Living Humanity from your Home itself. Humanitarian activities, contributions, service to needy all should be started from your home.


Being a member you

  1. Must attend 10-12 events per year
  2. Must attend 1 meeting in a month
  3. Must add 3 members in a month
  4. Must share all posts of Living Humanity
  5. Must inform 10-12 social issues in a year
  6. Must subscribe Living Humanity YouTube Channel, watch and share all videos
  7. Must Subscribe Living Humanity News Letter
  8. Must Use Living Humanity Products
  9. Must Promote Living Humanity Products
  10. Must Identify 4 Good human in a year
  11. Must join Living Humanity Facebook and WhatsApp Group
  12. Must add all friends to LH group
  13. Must Like all posts of LH FB
41. What are the benefit of membership ?

Following benefits you can obtain being a member of Living Humanity.

  • Living Humanity provide powerful tools with the potential of transforming the way you perceive and experience your life, your work, and the world that you live in.
  • The objective of this movement is to render you to explore your highest potential of human life through powerful processes of self-transformation, adoption, replication and distilled essence of human values to address key aspects of life and access to secrets of universal wisdom.
  • It offers a unique opportunity for self-exploration and transformation, leading to a life of fulfilment and joy by reprograming your logical mind with the science of good intent, vibes and virtues.
  • Living Humanity thoughts impregnate you with your core duty and responsibility towards your existence and co-existence of life.
  • Your small contribution will transform your life along with the life of others in a phenomenal way.
  • Unconditionally and consciously, you can share the earthly service within a global network.
  • Your life span will be expanded and desires will be fulfilled when you can resolve every glitch of your life in a flash using the proficient human network.


Living Humanity Membership Rewards:


  1. Free Membership Kit
  2. One coffee mug with photo
  3. One Table calendar with photo per year
  4. Yearly 3 health check-ups by doctors
  5. Yearly 2 blood investigation and other required tests
  6. Birthday wishes and cake
  7. One LH T shirt per year
  8. Year-round gifts
  9. One Picnic Per year
  10. Medicine at discounted price
  11. Yearly one Plant with pot
  12. Yearly twice body detox therapy
  13. Yearly once mind detox therapy
  14. Blood Requirement during emergency
  15. Insurance consultation
  16. Yearly 4 times advocate consultancy
  17. Yearly 4 times CA consultancy
  18. Yearly 4 times Health consultancy
  19. Yearly One event regarding social issues near to your areas
  20. Yearly 4 times pet grooming advice
  21. Agricultural Consultancy whenever Required
  22. Free social entrepreneurial training with capacity building
  23. Weekly one Yoga Class
  24. Online IT Consultancy
  25. Online Career Consultancy
42. Membership Category ?

Following are the membership category for Living Humanity.

  1. Founder- Shri Chinmaya Kumar Mohanty, the conceiver and visionary man behind Living Humanity
  2. Lh. Awardees- Lh. Manoj kumar Dhir, Lh. Pankaj Pal, Lh. M.N. Baig, Lh. Ramakanta Das, Lh. Manoj Kumar Parida, Lh. Ushamani Senapati
  3. Founder Members/ Trustee- Indramani Nayak, Biswamohan Pattanaik, Debi Prasanna Nayak, Chinmayee Bhuyan. (The members contributed their highest values for initiation of Living Humanity activities)
  4. Core Members- Dusmanta Sahu, Sanjay Swain, Anupam Jena, Rakesh Roul, Jyotirmayee Behera. (The members who have supported founder and trustees to establish this feel based universal knowledge into physical form)
  5. Life Members- Balaram Sahu (The members who will spend their life long virtues for Living Humanity )
  6. Supporting Member- Ashok Kumar Sarangi, Geetanjali Mohanty, Aurobindo Parida (The members who will contribute their ideas, contact, skills, money, expertises, interest, presence for smooth functioning of Living Humanity)
  7. Activists Members- The members who will work for accomplishment of mission and vision of Living humanity provided with proper code of conduct and guidelines.
  8. Associate Member- The like-minded people, friends, followers of Living Humanity who will attend the program of Living Humanity with other members.
  9. Associate Trainee- The trainees who will under the guidance of Core members to workout different activities of Living Humanity.
  10. Student Associate- School or college students who will be the volunteer to do Living Humanity activity.
  11. Collaborating Member- The organizations or individual want to collaborate with Living Humanity in lie of human value and for upliftment of human values.
  12. Organizational Member- Any government, nongovernment organization working for humanity, public services will be the member and all the employees or officials will be automatically under the loop.
  13. Promoter Member- The message bearer of Living Humanity for mass multiplication and quick spreading.
43. How your contributions are used in Living Humanity ?

Contributions of members are used in following heads enriched with human values and highest intention.

  • Humanity Awareness -25%
  • Living Humanity Mission and Vision -15%
  • Living Human Identification, Support and Promotion- 10%
  • Social Activist, Support, Promotion and Rights -10%
  • Live hood Support to needy- 5%
  • Education and Employment- 7%
  • Used Material Campaign -5%
  • Health and Hygiene -5%
  • Environment Awareness and care -3%
  • Leprosy and Divyangs -5%
  • Rapid Response -3%
  • Animal Care- 5%
44 How one’s life span increases when he/she became the member of Living Humanity ?

Living Humanity is a common platform for numerous groups of professionals having intact human values. Here all are connected at their highest identify, so to find a reliable and best solution you can easily get connected with the expert member with less effort. The life energy and time which you need to spend for finding the solution will easily get resolved under this unified platform without your effort or with minimal effort. The time/life you saved automatically become useful in other activities by increasing your life span.

45. Why all Human in this planet and all organization in the world should become the member of Living Humanity ?

As Living Humanity is a unified tool for self-reformation to bridge the gaps for uniting souls to attain the state of harmony, so all individuals need to get connected with the tool without which the state of peace can’t be achieved.

46. Why there is requirement of a common platform ?

Every human being is the part of this co-existing nature, so the principle of individualism which has been induced by this social and educational system will lead to devastation of co-existing nature. The selfishness & individualism has led to establishment of numerous organizations, throughout the world which creates confusion in human understanding. As gradually, the human brain became fasten up & the concentration power has reduced to minimal, so common human being doesn’t have so much time to judge, validate the thing which he/she can’t force immediately, so in this content & in gradual process, human being stopped to do something which is beyond individualism. Establishment of numerous organizations has created confusion & gradually the ethics of humanity has reduced to minimal. So, creation of common platform & working under common platform of human values will lead to restoration of human confidence to do good for all.

47. What are the role of social activists in Living Humanity platform ?

Living Humanity aims at supporting, promoting and adding value to the activities of selfless social workers and the activist working all over the world. LIVING HUMANITY strongly believe that someone who spends his valuable time for humanitarian activities, social work, spreading humanity among common people, friends and relatives selflessly and works dedicatedly for peace building; The time he/she spends is not time, it's his valuable life which will never came back to him again. So, it's a lifetime involvement. Providing social security to the social activist will motivate them to work smoothly for Humanity. Living Humanity wants to create an example for coexistence, so that next generation race will tend towards social work if a sustainable ecosystem will be developed like other professionals.

Individual Social activist or organization can register under Living Humanity platform to inculcate the LH tools in their mission and vision to fasten up their work. As these people are the grassroot front line worker, so self-reformation mechanism will work faster with the help of social workers.

48. What is the role of different professional in Living Humanity platform ?

. Living Humanity is not an organization to serve to do charity. It’s a self-reformation platform to bridge the man-made gaps. As the gaps are made by inducted sociocultural and educational system which covers all the profession prevails in this society, so to bridge the gaps, all professionals are equally important to find the technicality and fill the gaps at their highest identity of human.

Thank you for visiting Living Humanity website