Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

Years of painstaking research and scientific understanding revealed that what we all miss every time to get a feel of holistic joy or happiness could be accomplished easily by performing our duty as usual but with a simple alteration of changing intention. With a mission of upraising Humanity, Living Humanity aims at reconstructing world peace.

Our Thought

Origin Of LH Thought

  • So many problems, so many discussion, so many schemes, so many organization; still problems continue and for every problem, we blame the next person or system or government.
  • But what are our responsibilities? What is our role? How can we help the society? We are not so in-human; we are sensible human.
  • So if we bridge the gap where there is chance to solve any problem, then a healthy society can stand up. Simply by bridging the gap means connecting the solution provider and the needy one, we can at least repay our rent to the mother earth.
  • So Living Humanity in a real sense; is not an organization, it is simply a mass movement and open platform to ignite our core human value and help each other in the feelings of fellow beings.

Our Mission

  • Living Humanity aims to unite individuals and organizations worldwide to lead initiatives that impact positively the communities we live, thrive, and serve.
  • LH represents the opinions and ideas of a future world in the field of personal level, professional level, organizational level, physiological level, and emotional level and works with the collaboration of all individual and organization who have the sensibility of social responsibility in this mother earth.
  • We want to build capacity through conducting different activities and connecting the people through which all can share their opinion, expertise, emotion, and interest while embracing cultural diversity to shape a sustainable and healthy future.

Our Vision

A world in which all the people unite for global welfare and peace and are equipped with the models, knowledge, skill and values to take care of social responsibilities locally and globally.

Humanity is the first virtue and the bios of all human being to live the human life and attain the human form. Most of the time, the logical mind is devoid of human form and sometime unware of it, but want to find the same from next one in every step of life instead of looking within, which is not the fault of a new born or younger generations who are coming up to lead the future. The elders and system itself made the way of negativity though misinterpretation and repetition of the same and the core reason of all are lack of human values. If this trend continues, humanity will vanish from human race. Hence, to restore the human values and reconstruct a peaceful world, there is an urgent need of a platform or common forum where people will get a genuine opportunity to work for humanity in their comfort zone. There is no need to follow the intense spiritual path or to be a devoted social worker to work for human race, you only have to alter your intent behind all thoughts, actions and speech in day to day life and contribute your effort, experience, interest, ideas, skills, emotions towards society for betterment of the human being. Living Humanity wants to develop the largest human network who will lead their day to day life as simple as they are living and unknowingly they will start to contribute their part towards society in many form as per their suitability when they bear the virtue of Living Humanity. Living Humanity is not an organization, it is the first and foremost movement to bridge the gap in this society by connecting people of different wishes, skills, interests, professions, possessions and passions; ultimately all the human population are the member of Living Humanity as all are connected with the same thread of humanity.

  • Reprograming human being through universal intentions filled with human values.
  • Altering the impact of same thoughts, speech and actions by using good intentions.
  • Bridge the problem and solutions by connecting the service provider and needy.
  • Addressing, analyzing, responding the social issues along with unified solution and communicating the same to concern government and private organizations. 
  • Educating and sensitizing people about the significance of co-existence and duty of each human being to support the co-existence.
  • Being a bridge and common forum of group of people, Living Humanity identify the long run outcome of different public policies and make government agencies, concern authorities, non-governmental organizations and common public aware of these issues with regards to the personal, professional, social life along with the best possible need based solution. 
  • Inculcate the skills of life to upskill and evolve human intention towards a greater cause having universal impact.
  • Training the activists to understand, think, see, speak act and adopt the virtue of life with a universal prospective to get a broad screen view of life which will help human to sustain life in a picturesque way. 
  • Performing duty and responsibility with feel based understanding of human values and contributing towards society.
  •  Recognizing, supporting and promoting the individuals and organizations who are working selflessly for society beyond professions, possessions, religion and power.
  • Inviting all individuals and organizations to blend with Living Humanity preserving their essence to erase the confusion of common public towards the social service. 
  • Collaborating people of different groups for find an easy and reliable solutions of every small issue.
  • Adopting humanity and spreading humanity to reconstruct a peaceful world.
  • Promoting the humanitarian work of each individual within many large public groups through social media for triggering effect and quick adoption. 
  •  Mass communication, open forum discussion with group of people regarding human values and proving them tools to unmask and adopt human values. 
  • Repeating the humanitarian actions though good intention to reprogram the cellular engineering of selfishness to selflessness. 
  • Priming the human being to achieve the highest form i.e. Human form irrespective of conditions. 
  • Networking living humans.
  • Uniting souls.
  • Converting I towards WE society.
  • LH support to social worker 
  • LH award to living human 
  • LH support to scholar students
  • LH support to poor patients
  • LH support to physically challenged person (blinds, leprosy patients)
  • LH used material campaign
  • LH Viroga
  • LH social enterprise
  • LH 3E city 
  • LH model village plan
  • LH community development program (Winter drive, FANI, COVID-19 response)
  • LH care for nature
  • LH education and awareness
  • Acknowledge yourself as a member of Living Humanity.
  • Adopt humanity and bear human values before your every thought, speech and actions.
  • Practice daily to retain your human form at least for few hours a day or few days in month. 
  • Serve the needy whatever, whenever and however possible with selfless attitude and without any conditions not only by providing clothing, foods, money but also sharing your attentions, emotions, thoughts, good vibes, prayers, skills, interests and services. You may do it alone or with a group of likeminded people. 
  • Share your expertise, experience, ideas, interest, skill with Living Humanity, so that when and however required, we will intimate you to serve the needy as per the need.
  • At least pass the information about social issues in your locality or any other places to Living Humanity, so that LH will try to bridge the gap.
  • Spread the thoughts, mission, event concept, verdicts, unified knowledge and unified solutions of Living Humanity to your near and dear ones, to the family members, friends, relatives with a living desire to rebuild a network of virtues. 
  • Replicate the good intent and motivate others to perform their duty being a human.
  • Unlearn what you have learnt from this educational and social system and relearn to understand every aspects of life universally holding the human position. 
  • Be a part of this mission which has been visionized to restore peace in the world by this unique tool through exploring and adopting human values.
  • Lead your life with this unalloyed living desire of human race to accomplish the intention behind the existence of life and living beings.
  • Living Humanity provide powerful tools with the potential of transforming the way you
    perceive and experience your life, your work, and the world that you live in.
  • The objective of this movement is to render you to explore your highest potential of
    human life through powerful processes of self-transformation, adoption, replication and
    distilled essence of human values to address key aspects of life and access to secrets of
    universal wisdom.
  • It offers a unique opportunity for self-exploration and transformation, leading to a life of
    fulfillment and joy by reprograming your logical mind with the science of good intent,
    vibes and virtues.
  • Living Humanity thoughts impregnate you with your core duty and responsibility
    towards your existence and co-existence of life.
  • Your small contribution will transform your life along with the life of others in a
    phenomenal way.
  • Unconditionally and consciously you can share the earthly service within a global
  • Your life span will be expanded and desires will be fulfilled when you can resolve every
    glitch of your life in a flash using the proficient human network.