Social, Cultural, Psychological, Moral, Biochemical, Molecular and Spiritual impact of Living Humanity tools upon the members and activist.

Perspective and Beleifs

Profund shift in perspective and beleifs, leading to a heightened sense of purpose and clarity in activist's and members life.

Shift in Consciousness

Common Experience and marked deepened sense of Peace and inner happiness.

Reality & Realm

Initiated moves from limited, ego based narrow prospective to a broader prospective to view the reality and realms.

Understanding & Visualization

Clear understanding and visualization of thought speech and action.


Acknowledgment of Spiritual realm ( Experiencing out of physical body experience- timelessness, tirelessness, disconnected etc.)

Questioning the Beleifs

Natural curiosity to question the current beleifs, understanding, rules, regulations and life style

Heightened Awareness

Manifesting the wishes, feeling connected to nature, experiencing empathy to others, increased capacity to sense and recognize the subtle energies of other beings)

Priorities & Life

Reevaluated priorities in life, becoming more in tune with deeper values and self.

Community and Environment

Attuned to the needs of community and environment, increased desire to be active in social causes and humanitarian efforts.


Connected to greater purpose and power. Feeling protected with greater energy than yourself.


Feeling valuable and responsible for own life and other lives around you.


Increased Intuition and inner knowledge


Heightened sensitivity to energies of own & others
(Identifying the postive and negetive energy of oneself and ownself.)


Mindfulness in every action
( Awareness of one's physical, mental and emotional States and noticing all details of things happening around you with positive intention )

Creation and its Imapct

Slowing down the logical mind and allowing nature to feed the creational science.

Highest Form

Living life in highest identity of Human. Being in human form, experiencing no bar of age, culture, gender, position, status, education and etc.


Detachment from thoughts and material possession
( Detachment from ideas, emotions, possession, achievements and material need)


Feeling fearlessness.

True Needs

Identifying and understanding the original requirements of need, wishes and desires for body, mind and souls.


Increased creativity, inspiration and gratitude.

Experiencing the Present

Living more in present in "the moment ". ( Forgeting the past, future, belongings and responsibility )

Unconditional Love

compassion and unconditional love for all living and nonliving beings in this creation.


Pursuit of inner peace.


Seeing interconnectedness of all things.

Understanding the EGO

Softening Ego and becomes less controlling over individuality.


Awareness of own negative and positive habits.


Changes in relationship with family, friends and professionals.

Value of the Self

A sense of personal value, existence meaning and birth significance. Or refining own dharma or duty or life mission, unique calling. A path of greater alignment becoming clear.

Meaningful Life

Desire to live more meaningful lives.

Serving & Happiness

Finding happiness and joy with unconditional love and services.


Revising own thought, speech and action every day to make a better version of oneself.

Learning the Unlearned

Starting to unlearn the things which have been acquired through this social cultural system and finding true meaning of life.

Natural Life

Starting to live life with minimum bare needs and less social attachment.


Experiencing the significance of Coexistence and Coexisted lives and non lives.


Sharing own thoughts, belief's and experience to needy without conditions selflessly and opening up for learning some new everyday.

Importance of Life

Experiencing the true treasure of life by sharing human values unconditionally.

Regulating Thoughts

Finding way to analyze own thoughts with many prospective and rooting to the origin of each thoughts to find the cause and impact.

Transformation & its Impact

Sensitizing others unconditionally to signify the meaning of life.


Effortless Acceptance towards all ups and downs of life

Learing from Coexistance

Opening up for Learning form all living and nonliving beings around.

Breaking the Ceiling

Moving away from Individualism and finding oneself as a important part of infinite creation.

Handling Negativity

Avoiding negative thoughts, foods, energy and vibrations.

Seeing the Truth of Ancient

Finding meaning with ancient texts, literature, architecture and verdict as heightened science to evolution.

Mortality & Immortality

Accepting mortality and immortality at the same realm.

Accepanace of Gaps

Accepting socio cultural, religion based and ethical gaps being a part of continuous evolving creation.

Miracles are Science

Sharing awakened experience to others and accepting miracles.

Experiencing the Truth of Reality

Sensing transcendence of life, time and space and increase physical and mental sensitivity to internal and external stimuli including sensitivity to colour, light, touch, sound, smells.


Experiencing Trans- receiver of energy to perform highest duty.

Evolution through Harmony

Seeking harmony to obtain peace and get evolved.


Experiencing nondual merging ( Experience of Oneness).

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