Pfeffer Peace Prize

Pfeffer Peace Prize

The International Pfeffer Peace Award or Pfeffer Peace Award is one of the three peace awards presented by the United States Fellowship of Reconciliation (United States) (FOR), along with the Martin Luther King Jr. Award and the Nyack Area Peace Award. Since 1989, it has been awarded annually to "individuals or organizations whose commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation is recognized as extraordinary." The International Pfeffer Peace Award was established at the end of the 1980s by Leo and Freda Pfeffer to acknowledge and honour leaders and activists who work globally for peace and justice. Leo Pfeffer (24 December 1910 – 4 June 1993) was the United States' leading theoretician on religious liberty and the separation of church and state, and he argued these constitutional issues before the Supreme Court. Along with his wife Freda Pfeffer (5 September 1911 – 3 November 2013) he founded FOR USA's International Pfeffer Peace Award in 1989, when they also began co-sponsoring FOR USA's National Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award which was established to recognize persons or groups working in the United States in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr.Following Leo's death in 1993, his son Alan Pfeffer took the reins in managing his parents' endowment.

SlName CountryFlagYearAwarded For
25Mães de Maio of São PauloBazil2016Peace and justice
24Combatants for PeaceIsrael-Palestine2015Peace and justice
23Widad AkrawiDenmark2014Peace and justice
22International Council of Thirteen Indigenous GrandmothersMexico2013Peace and justice
21Dr. Hakim (Afghan Peace Volunteers)Singapore2012Peace and justice
20Sonal AmbaniIndia2011Peace and justice
19Scott Kennedy (Resource Center For Nonviolence)United States2010Peace and justice
18La’Onf network of Iraqi nonviolence communitiesIraq2009Peace and justice
17Ricardo EsquiviaColombia2008Peace and justice
16Mel Duncan and the Nonviolent PeaceforceUnited States2007Peace and justice
15Caribbean Project for Peace and JusticeUnited Nations2006Peace and justice
14George HouserUnited States2005Peace and justice
13Wanida TantiwittayappitakThailand2002Peace and justice
12Pierre Marchand (Foundation For Children)France2000Peace and justice
11Kathy KellyUnited States1999Peace and justice
10The Peace Community of San José de ApartadóColombia1998Peace and justice
9Dorothy GranadaUnited States1997Peace and justice
8Peace Brigades InternationalIndia1996Peace and justice
7Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between PeoplesIsreal1995Peace and justice
6Muhammad YunusBangladesh1994Peace and justice
5José Gómez IzquierdoMexico1993Peace and justice
4Interns for PeaceIsrael1992Peace and justice
3Anita Kromberg and Richard SteeleSouth Africa1991Peace and justice
2Hildegard Goss-Mayr and Diana FrancisAustralia1990Peace and justice
1Donald MosleyUnited States1989Peace and justice

Pfeffer Peace Prize Laureates (2016 ~ 2001)

Mães de Maio

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2016

Widad Akrawi

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2014

Wee Teck Young (Dr. Hakim)

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2012

Sonal Ambani

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2011

Scott Kennedy

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2010

Ricardo Esquivia

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2008

Mel Duncan

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2007


Pfeffer Peace Prize 2006

George Houser

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2005

Wanida Tantiwittayappitak

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2002

Pfeffer Peace Prize Laureates (2000 ~ 1989)

Pierre Marchand

Pfeffer Peace Prize 2000

Kathy Kelly

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1999

The Peace Community

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1998

Dorothy Granada

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1997


Pfeffer Peace Prize 1995

Muhammad Yunus

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1994

José Gómez Izquierdo

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1993

Interns for Peace

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1992

Hildegard Goss-Mayr

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1990

Donald Mosley

Pfeffer Peace Prize 1989