Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award

The Ramon Magsaysay Award (Filipino: Gawad Ramon Magsaysay) is an annual award established to perpetuate former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay's example of integrity in governance, courageous service to the people, and pragmatic idealism within a democratic society. The prize was established in April 1957 by the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund based in New York City with the concurrence of the Philippine government. It is often called the "Nobel Prize of Asia".

SlName CountryFlagYearAwarded For
1Operation Brotherhood Philippines1958"in acknowledgement of the spirit of service to other peoples in a time of need, with which it was conceived and has been carried forward, as well as the international amity it has fostered."
2No Award1959
3Y.C. James Yen Taiwan1960"for his continuing concern for the whole man and molding his social institutions, rather than simply refashioning the physical environment."
4Genevieve Caulfield United States1961"for her international citizenship and guidance to full and useful lives of those in other lands afflicted like herself."
5Mother Teresa, M.C. Albania1962"for her merciful cognizance of the abject poor of a foreign land, in whose service she has led a new congregation."
6Peace Corps in Asia United States1963"in recognition of the Peace Corps Volunteers serving in the Near East, Africa and Latin America."
7Welthy Honsinger Fisher United States1964"for her unstinting personal commitment to the cause of literacy in India and other Asian countries whose teachers have sought her guidance."
8Bayanihan Folk Arts Center Philippines1965"for their projection of a warm and artistic portrayal of the Filipino people to audiences on five continents."
9Committee for Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong Basin and Cooperating Entities Cambodia1966"for its purposeful progress toward harnessing one of Asia's greatest river systems, setting aside divisive national interests in deference to regional opportunities."
10Shiroshi Nasu Japan1967"for his practical humanitarianism, enhancing cooperation in agriculture by learning through multinational experience."
11Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere (CARE) United States1968"for its constructive humanitarianism, fostering dignity among the needy in Asia and on three other continents for over 22 years."
12International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) United States1969"for its seven years of innovative, interdisciplinary teamwork by Asian and Western scientists, unprecedented in scope, that is achieving radical, rapid advances in rice culture."
13No Award1970
14Sabur? ?kita Japan1971"for his sustained and forceful advocacy of genuine Japanese partnership in the economic progress of her Asian neighbors."
15No Award1972
16Summer Institute of Linguistics United States1973"for its inspired outreach to non-literate tribespeople, recording and teaching them to read their own languages and enhancing their participation in the larger community of man."
17William Masterson, S.J. United States1974"for his multinational education and inspiration of rural leaders prompting their return to and love of the land."
18Patrick James McGlinchey, S.S.C.M.E. Ireland1975"for mobilizing international support and foreign volunteers to modernize livestock farming in his adopted country."
19Henning Holck-Larsen Denmark1976"for his signal contribution towards India's technical modernization, complementing industrialization with human concern."
20College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines at Los Baños (UPLB) Philippines1977"for its quality of teaching and research, fostering a sharing of knowledge in modernizing Southeast Asian agriculture."
21Soedjatmoko Mangoendiningrat Indonesia1978"for his persuasive presentation of the case for developing Asia's basic needs in the councils of world decision making."
22Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Indonesia1979"for its supplanting national jealousies that led to confrontation, with increasingly effective cooperation, goodwill among the neighboring peoples of Southeast Asia."
23Shigeharu Matsumoto Japan1980"for building constructive relations between Japanese and others through shared knowledge of their diverse histories, needs and national aspirations."
24Augustine Joung Kang South Korea1981"for his practical democracy and use of regional cooperation to foster economically and humanly sound credit unions."
25No Award01982
26Aloysius Schwartz United States1983"for mobilizing European and American support to succor acutely deprived Korean youngsters, homeless elderly and infirm."
27Jiro Kawakita Japan1984"for winning the participating of remote Nepalese villagers in researching their problems, resulting in practical benefits of potable water supplies and rapid ropeway transport across mountain gorges."
28Harold Ray Watson United States1985"for encouraging international utilization of the Sloping Agricultural Lang Technology created by him and his coworkers to help the poorest of small tropical farmers."
29International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) Philippines1986"for its training of agrarian development workers from four continents, enabling them to share experience and ideas for more effective progress."
30Richard William Timm, C.S.C. United States1987"for his 35 years of sustained commitment of mind and heart to helping Bangladeshis build their national life."
31The Royal Project Thailand1988"for its concerted national and international effort to curtail opium growing by bringing worthy livelihoods to Thailand’s hill tribes."
32Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand1989"for shaping a new generation of engineers and managers committed to Asia in an atmosphere of academic excellence and regional camaraderie."
33No Award1990
34Press Foundation of Asia Philippines1991"for guiding Asia's press to look beyond national borders and speak intelligently to complex issues of regional change and development.
35Washington SyCip Philippines1992"for fostering economic growth and mutual understanding in Asia through professionalism, public-spirited enterprise, and his own esteemed example."
36Noboru Iwamura Japan1993"for heeding the call of the true physician in a lifetime of service to Japan's Asia neighbors."
37Eduardo Jorge Anzorena Argentina1994"for fostering a collaborative search for humane and practical solutions to the housing crisis among Asia’s urban poor."
38Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Philippines1995"for setting regionwide standards for excellence and relevance in training Asians to manage Asia's business and development."
39Toshihiro Takami Japan1996"for enlisting community leaders from fifty countries in the common cause of secure, sustainable, and equitable livelihoods for the world's rural people."
40Sadako Ogata Japan1997"for invoking the moral authority of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to insist that behind the right of every refugee to asylum lies the greater right of every person to remain at home in peace."
41Corazon Aquino Philippines1998"for giving radiant moral force to the nonviolent movement for democracy in the Philippines and in the world."
42No Award01999
43Jockin Arputham India2000"for extending the lessons of community building in India to Southeast Asia and Africa and helping the urban poor of two continents improve their lives by learning from one another."
44Ikuo Hirayama Japan2001"for his efforts to promote peace and international cooperation by fostering a common bond of stewardship for the world's cultural treasures."
45Pomnyun Sunim South Korea2002"for his compassionate attention to the human cost of Korea's bitter division and his hopeful appeal for reconciliation."
46Tetsu Nakamura Japan2003"for his passionate commitment to ease the pain of war, disease, and calamity among refugees and the mountain poor of the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands."
47Seiei Toyama Japan2003"for his twenty-year crusade to green the deserts of China in a spirit of solidarity and peace."
48Laxminarayan Ramdas India2004"for reaching across a hostile border to nurture a citizen-based consensus for peace between Pakistan and India."
49Sanduk Ruit   Nepal2006"for placing Nepal at the forefront of developing safe, effective, and economical procedures for cataract surgery, enabling the needlessly blind in even poorest countries to see again."
50Tang Xiyang China2007"for guiding China to meet its mounting environmental crisis by heeding the lessons of its global neighbors and the timeless wisdom of nature itself."
51Ahmad Syafi'i Maarif Indonesia2008"for guiding Muslims to embrace tolerance and pluralism as the basis for justice and harmony in Indonesia and in the world at large."

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Awardee (1957 ~ 1970)

Vinoba Bhave

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958

Robert McCulloch Dick

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958

Mochtar Lubis

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958

Vinoba Bhave

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958

Y.C. James Yen

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958

Genevieve Caulfield

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1961

Mother Teresa

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1962

Peace Corps in Asia

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1963

Welthy Honsinger Fisher

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1964

Bayanihan Folk Arts Center

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1965


Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1966

Shiroshi Nasu

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1958


Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1967


Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1969

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Awardee (1971 ~ 1990)

Saburō Ōkita

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1971

Summer Institute of Linguistics

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1973

William Masterson

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1974

Patrick James McGlinchey

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1975

Henning Holck-Larsen

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1976

College of Agriculture

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1977

Soedjatmoko Mangoendiningrat

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1978


Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1979

Shigeharu Matsumoto

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1980

Augustine Joung Kang

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1981

Aloysius Schwartz

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1983

Jiro Kawakita

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1984

Harold Ray Watson

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1985


Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1986

Richard William Timm

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1987

The Royal Project

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1988

Aloysius Schwartz

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1989

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Awardee (1991 ~ 2010)

Press Foundation of Asia

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1991

Washington SyCip

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1992

Noboru Iwamura

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1993

Eduardo Jorge Anzorena

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1994

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1995

Toshihiro Takami

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1996

Sadako Ogata

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1997

Corazon Aquino

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 1998

Jockin Arputham

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2000

Ikuo Hirayama

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2001

Pomnyun Sunim

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2002

Tetsu Nakamura

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2003

Seiei Toyama

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2003

Ramdas Laxminarayan

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2004

Sanduk Ruit

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2006

Tang Xiyang

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2007

Ahmad Syafi'i Maarif

Ramon Magsaysay Peace Award 2008