Seoul Peace Prize

Seoul Peace Prize

The Seoul Peace Prize was established in 1990 to commemorate the success of the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul, Korea, an event in which 160 nations from across the world took part, creating harmony and friendship. The significance of the Seoul Olympic Games rests in the fact that the games heralded the termination of age-old political and ideological conflict between the East and the West, fostering a worldwide atmosphere of peace and reconciliation. It also served as an occasion to confirm the possibility of achieving world peace through mutual understanding and cooperation. The success of the Seoul Olympics has a particular meaning to the Korean people whose yearning for peace has been born of an especially challenging history. The Seoul Peace Prize was established to reflect the wishes of the people and to crystallize their desire for ever-lasting peace on earth.

SlName CountryFlagYearAwarded For
16Tim Berners-Lee United Kingdom2022for harmony and friendship
15Thomas Bach Germany2020for harmony and friendship
14Narendra Modi India2018for harmony and friendship
13Denis MukwegeCongo2016for harmony and friendship
12Angela Merkel Germany2014for harmony and friendship
11Ban Ki-moon South Korea2012for harmony and friendship
10José Antonio Abreu Venezuela2010for harmony and friendship
9Suzanne Scholte United States2008for harmony and friendship
8Muhammad Yunus Bangladesh2006for harmony and friendship
7Václav Havel Czech Republic2004for harmony and friendship
6Oxfam United Kingdom2002for harmony and friendship
5Sadako Ogata Japan2000for harmony and friendship
4Kofi Annan Ghana1998for harmony and friendship
3Médecins Sans Frontières  Switzerland1996for harmony and friendship
2George Shultz United States1992for harmony and friendship
1Juan Antonio Samaranch Spain1990for harmony and friendship

Seoul Peace Prize Laureates (2030 ~ 2021)

Tim Berners-Lee

Seoul Peace Prize 2022

Seoul Peace Prize Laureates (2020 ~ 2011)

Thomas Bach

Seoul Peace Prize 2020

Narendra Modi

Seoul Peace Prize 2018

Denis Mukwege

Seoul Peace Prize 2016

Angela Merkel

Seoul Peace Prize 2014

Ban Ki-moon

Seoul Peace Prize 2012

Seoul Peace Prize Laureates (2010 ~ 1990)

José Antonio Abreu

Seoul Peace Prize 2010

Suzanne Scholte

Seoul Peace Prize 2008

Muhammad Yunus

Seoul Peace Prize 2006

Václav Havel

Seoul Peace Prize 2004


Seoul Peace Prize 2002

Sadako Ogata

Seoul Peace Prize 2000

Kofi Annan

Seoul Peace Prize 1998

Médecins Sans Frontières

Seoul Peace Prize 1996

George Shultz

Seoul Peace Prize 1992

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Seoul Peace Prize 1990