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Every single life on this planet earth is seeking for how, where and when to get peace. So to accomplish this universal need of all living beings, Living Humanity has been visionized to restore world peace by uniting souls through bridging the gaps.


PEACE is not an accumulation of happiness, neither it can be felt or experience by your mind or senses not it can be understood. It is state where you (being an energy) aligned with other form(s) which are interlinked and interdependent.


is a state where every visible and indivisible form of lives are in Harmony.

How we share personal data

We will only share supporters’ personal data if:

(a)  we are working with partners whom we have carefully selected to carry out work on our behalf, such as service providers and sub-contractors (for example, IT services providers and providers of technical, payment and delivery services) to perform any contract we enter into with them.  The kind of work we may ask them to do includes processing, packaging, mailing and delivering purchases, answering questions about us and any services we provide, carrying out research or analysis to assist us in our mission and processing credit card payments. 
We only choose partners we trust and only pass personal data to them where they have undertaken to keep your personal data secure.  We do not allow these partners to use your data for their own purposes or disclose it to other third parties and we will take all reasonable care to ensure that such partners keep your data secure; or

(b)  we are legally required to do so e.g. by law or by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

We will not sell supporters’ information. We will not share supporters’ information with other organisations other than as stated above.

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