Africa Peace Award

Africa Peace Award

The Africa Peace Award was instituted by ACCORD in 1993 to recognise those communities, institutions or individuals in South Africa through whose efforts conflict was turned to peace. In 1995 the Award was extended to the whole of Africa, in the hope that it would promote peace, create role models and instill a sense of pride in the people of the African Continent. The protection of and respect for human rights; Peaceful settlement of disputes; and Good governance of public affairs.

SlName CountryFlagYearAwarded For
8African Union CommissionSouth Africa2015The AUC was chosen as the recipient of the 2015 Africa Peace Award as an affirmation of its efforts in building a united, prosperous and peaceful continent.
7Nation of Sierra LeoneSierra Leone2010The Award was given to the Nation of Sierra Leone in recognition of their determination, patriotism and bravery in ending their decade-long civil war, for achieving peace in Sierra Leone, and for maintaining that hard-earned peace through two elections held after the conflict.
6Nation of BurundiBurundi2006The Award was given to the Nation of Burundi for outstanding achievements in settling years of civil war in a peace process that resulted in a negotiated settlement and the successful democratic election of a new government in 2005.
5The Children of AfricaSouth Africa2003Celebrating more than a decade of conflict management work on the African Continent, ACCORD presented the 2003 Africa Peace Award to the ‘Children of Africa’, to highlight the plight of child soldiers. Symbolising the Continent’s future hopes and dreams, the award was presented to a group of children representing the various regions of Africa.
4Nation of NigeriaNigeria2000In early 1999 Nigerians voted in the first democratically elected civilian government to rule their country in 16 years – a victory for all Nigerians. By awarding the Africa Peace Award to the Nation of Nigeria, ACCORD recognised Nigeria’s transition from military rule to democratic governance.
3Nation of MozambiqueMozambique1997The Award was given to the Nation of Mozambique for their efforts towards peace, respect for human rights and good governance, achieved after a protracted civil war.
2Nelson MandelaSouth Africa1995Nelson Mandela is in many ways an embodiment of the very essence of everything that the Africa Peace Award represents. At the Award ceremony, the then Secretary General of the Organisation of African Unity (now the African Unity), Dr. Salim A. Salim, described Nelson Mandela as ‘one of the greatest sons of Africa, a world statesman and a legend in his lifetime.’
1Mpumalanga (KZN)South Africa1993The inaugural Africa Peace Award was given to the community of Mpumalanga (1993), KwaZulu-Natal, for the brave and significant contribution they made to peace, through their efforts at turning one of the most violent areas in South Africa into a haven of relative peace.

Africa Peace Award Laureates (2023 ~ 1993)

Nation of Sierra Leone

Africa Peace Award 2010

Nation of Burundi

Africa Peace Award 2006

The Children of Africa

Africa Peace Award 2003

Nation of Nigeria

Africa Peace Award 2000

Nation of Mozambique

Africa Peace Award 1997

Nelson Mandela

Africa Peace Award 1995

Mpumalanga (KZN)

Africa Peace Award 1993