A REHYDRATION WATER, DRINKING WATER and FIRST AID SERVICE was organized at Puri, ODISHA, INDIA by Living Humanity on the world famous Rathayatra day of Sri Jagannath (20.06.2023). Giving ORS, giving water or giving ointment for injured legs of many devotees from far away seems to be a common practice. However, the purpose of this service organized by Living Humanity was different. Many brothers and sisters who were directly or indirectly involved in this service, they did not know anyone, they were serving another human being in human identity. Who gave ORS and who gave water and who gave his efforts physically.The small contributions of many people made it possible to do big things on a large scale. Knowing the human identity and through it knowing the flaws in oneself, grooming oneself how to be a good person, not only for oneself, not for family or friends, but for the society to be an example, everyone was involved in that process. In the Large gathering all were performing their duty for the devotees smoothly. There was no sadness, irritation or fatigue on anyone’s face. Incomparable energy was flowing. Because perhaps selflessly serving another human being is the true human nature . A big thank you to these members and activists for whom this humanitarian actions became successful.

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